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    I’ve gone Tropical

    For the ones who haven’t noticed, I’m gone. I left the Netherlands after almost 20 years I finally took the steps to move the funk out to become my fairy godmother and make my dreams come true. Starting in South East Asia: Thailand!! Where everything is possible. The questions that were asked when I announced […]

  • Photos by © Feargal Agard of Humans of Film Amsterdam-Muriel Hoffs (14)

    Editorial: Muriel Hoffs Amsterdam

    Ever thought of wearing knitted shirts in the summer? Muriel Hoffs did and it’s FAB. To be more dramatic, she changed the whole perspective of knitted clothing. By mixing silk thread with wool she created this soft, cloudy, stretchy and supa sexy woolen shirt. making it possible to wear wool in the summer while looking […]

  • Globally-Ghetto-Chocolate-Cacaoine-drugs-soft drugs

    Say yes to Cacaoine

    Say what…. ? Yes, you can get high on cacao. It is the newest trend in party drugs you can safely use tonight. The first time I noticed this trend last spring, stickers were plastered on the street poles of Amsterdam saying, “Say yes to Cacaoine”. I stopped to have a look at it, and my […]

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    Snowboarding in Austria 2

    Last week I posted about my first few days in Bad Hof Gastein, Austria and my hilarious snowboard lessons. Click here to read more   Snowboarding I have to say, snowboarding is the most inspiring sport I have ever done. Before, I could never understand who in his/her right mind would pay a shitload of […]

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    Snowboarding in Austria

    New year’s eveAnd there I was, at 23.50 walking through a field of snow, surrounded by flickering lights, mountain’s tops lit by the moonlight and my suitcase in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other. Trying to rush into the city before the clock hits 12 o’clock. I knew of course that […]