About Theresa G


Ollaas, my name is Theresa, I am an Amsterdamed Ghanaian with a great love for fashion, photography and life. I started Globally Ghetto to share my passions with the world and inspire others with my style, food and travel.

Young, Broke and Fabulous would describe the lifestyle I live, I am 24 years Young International Business and Innovation Student who loves to eat, shop, travel and getting Broke doing it in a Fabulous outfit (if I may say).

My clothing style can be described as a intersect of street style, basics and feminine. I don’t follow any specific brand as I like to just buy things that look beautiful rather the brand. I don’t like fast fashion and try to avoid brands who use unethical ways to manufacture their clothing. Instead I focus on the underdog designers, young designers and innovative fashion.

You can contact me for photography at theresa@globallyghetto.com (check out my portfolio). For other collaboration options, please fill in the contact form below.